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QlikView Server

>>QlikView Server Scaling Analysis for Everyone

QlikView Server allows all users in an organization a common view of important corporate analysis. By working from the same data and viewing the same key metrics, everyone in the organization can share a common view of organizational goals and strategies. The QlikView Server allows users to share QlikView analysis collaboratively, allowing users to share analytical experiences and conclusions in real time. By driving collaboration and a common understanding, the QlikView Server drives organizational alignment and performance against shared goals.

>>Scales to massive data sets

QlikView Server is a highly scalable solution which takes full advantage of the underlying hardware platform. QlikView Server can handle hundreds of millions of data records down to a transactional level. QlikView Server is available on both 32-bit architectures, and now has been specifically built and tuned for 64-bit architectures. This provides a nearly limitless capacity to read, query, and analyze data.

Download QlikView Server product sheet ( PDF )