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QlikView Deployment Levels

>>QlikView Enterprise For the developer
QlikView Enterprise is the complete developer's tool for building QlikView applications. QlikView Enterprise lets developers load disparate data sources for access in a single application. The data load script supports over 150 functions for data cleansing, manipulation and aggregation. Intuitive wizard driven interface allows powerful visually interactive applications to be developed quickly.
>>QlikView Professional For the power user
QlikView Professional lets power-users build, change or modify the layout of existing QlikView applications. QlikView Professional users can refresh existing data sources. QlikView Professional users can choose to either work with local applications or applications distributed via QlikView Server.
>>QlikView Analyzer For the end user
QlikView Analyzer lets end-users connect to server based QlikView applications. QlikView Analyzer has a number of deployment options: browser based zero-footprint client, Java and Java Objects clients, ActiveX plug-in, and Windows client.
>>QlikView Analyzer+ For the mobile end user
QlikView Analyzer+ is the same as QlikView Analyzer Windows client, but lets users work with applications in offline mode and to refresh existing data sources.